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For free filing options:

According to New York’s Web Page, 90% of New Yorkers qualify to efile for free.

The Federal forms also have a free e-file for people below a certain income level.

Forms can also be picked up at the library or those that are not available can be printed here at the library. The usual printing cost applies.

You can also call 2-1-1 to find out how and where to get your taxes done for free.

Useful links

Forms, e-filing, your questions

New York State and Federal 2017 Income Tax forms and instructions will be slowly trickling into the library after mid-January. The Reference Desk staff will be happy to direct you to forms, electronic filing options and other tax resources. We do not offer tax advice and cannot answer questions about individual tax returns.

We currently have the following forms available:

1040, 1040 EZ and instruction booklet, IT-2, 195, 1099-R, 201-I, 201-D, 201-V, 201-ATT, 213, 213-I, 214, 214-I, 215, 215-I, 216, 216-I

Free File Fillable Forms is now available on the IRS Web site. IRS Free File

We do not have Pennsylvania tax forms at the Library. Please use the links below to download forms.

Here are links to income tax filing resources:

In Pennsylvania:

 Department of Revenue, a portal to all PA tax resources

 Tax forms, instructions and publications

 PA e-Services Center, for income tax electronic filing

 PA tax questions & assistance

In New York:

NYS Income Tax citizen information page, with links to all income tax filing resources, including downloadable forms, instructions, Senior Citizen resources…

 NYS Online Tax Center, for e-filing, account management, your questions, and bill payment. Many New Yorkers qualify for free e-filing.

 E-file in New York for Free, a direct link for individual income tax free e-filing. See if you qualify, and select an e-filing provider from the list.

U.S. Internal Revenue Service:

The IRS start page will direct you to all U.S. federal tax resources, including free electronic filing (95 million taxpayers qualify for this service), downloadable forms & instructions…

Free File, a no-cost e-filing alternative for federal income tax payers with 2017 adjusted gross income below a stipulated level.

Income Tax Preparation Assistance – Nongovernmental

 AARP Tax-Aide Locator will help you find the free income tax preparation assistance site nearest you, or one that fits your schedule.

Related Assistance – Nongovernmental

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